But DAPCentral won't be coming back on the date I hoped.

Here's why:

I have been sick since March. To make a long story short, I have had kidney stones for three months, fluctuating thyroid and chest pains, limited energy, and an anemia level so low I had to go to the hospital for a blood transfusion. Not to forget, my anemia gave be a bunch of unwanted side effects that improved, but occur from time to time. But in spite of all the bad, I am doing well and is slowly getting back on my feet. I've also been a bit active and submitted images to my Instagram. Hopefully sometime next year I can finally open up my site.

So until then, see you peoples later.

Feb 9, 2014


While I should have illustrated this scene fully, I had this vision in my head of a young Solace sitting on top of a short wall. She's waiting for a bus that sadly never showed. It's cold, she's tired, and her gear is not suitable for this type of weather. But with little to no funds, her thin clothing is all she has against bitter cold. 

Then you have a young Troy who happens to see her. He asks her why she isn't wearing the appropriate attire, and she tells him her circumstance. Sympathetically, he gives her his scarf. If she wouldn't have stopped him, he would have given her his jacket and gloves as well. He rather walk home cold than to to see her freeze. 

That's just how kind the guy is. 

Btw, the effects I applied to this picture made Troy's skin lighter. Also, some of his features are a bit different. I really wished I noticed before I finished the picture. But it happens.

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