But DAPCentral won't be coming back on the date I hoped.

Here's why:

I have been sick since March. To make a long story short, I have had kidney stones for three months, fluctuating thyroid and chest pains, limited energy, and an anemia level so low I had to go to the hospital for a blood transfusion. Not to forget, my anemia gave be a bunch of unwanted side effects that improved, but occur from time to time. But in spite of all the bad, I am doing well and is slowly getting back on my feet. I've also been a bit active and submitted images to my Instagram. Hopefully during the beginning of next year I can finally open up my site.

So until then, see you peoples later.

Feb 2, 2014


What originally was one huge mistake actually turned out to be something amazing. There's no denying I can't paint to save my life. So yesterday when I finally attempted, this happened. I guess being angry while doing stuff actually has benefits.

Unfortunately, it's not fully traditional. I was so scared to do anything else to it, I had to finalize it in Photoshop. At least there I can undo the mistakes I make. So here you have a traditional painting with a digitized touch.

I definitely have a lot to learn...

BTW, this was supposed to be her. She's lacking some features though :\

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